Brenette Wilder


Senior Engineer, Quality

Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies

Ms. Brenette Wilder serves as the Senior Quality Engineer at the National Security Campus, managed by Honeywell’s Federal Manufacturing & Technologies in the purchase product electronic active and passive product division for the nation’s defense system. Ms. Wilder performs engineering and quality control functions to develop effective acceptance processes and provide improvement opportunities. As quality engineer, Ms. Wilder’s responsibilities expand outside of Honeywell, as she works closely with the customers, suppliers, designers and others in consultation for auditing and qualifying processes.

Ms. Wilder finds great reward and satisfaction through community service. She is a role model of a servant leader. She serves the community through her church, personal life, and through Kansas City Teen Summit, an organization founded by Ms. Wilder in 2005 with the mission to help teens and battered women. The organization began with a great passion to inspire women and youth to reach their fullest potential and to teach women they are powerful beyond measure.

Her awards have included online recognition Employee Awards and the Award of Excellence for Stockpile Leadership Program.

Ms. Wilder is a graduate of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.