Darwin D. DuPree

Darwin D. DuPreel

Protective Force Training Manager

Honeywell FM&T

Darwin D. Dupree currently holds the position of Training Manager for the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Pro-tective Force at the Kansas City National Security Campus (KCNSC) managed by Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies (FM&T). Darwin has been with the U.S. Department of Energy for the past 7 years. His primary responsibilities include the safeguarding and protection of our nation and our nation’s assets. He provides initial, con-tinuing, and leadership training to the Protective Force Officers, Dispatchers and Command Staff to ensure effective execution of Federal, State, and Institutional requirements. In addition to training Officers at the DOE, he provides ongoing Active Shooter training to Honeywell FM&T and runs emergency life safety exercises. As part of Darwin’s role as Training Manager, he conducts research, develops, coordinates, and oversees policies and procedures pertinent to the training mission of the DOE.

Darwin has a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and an additional Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama from St. Mary’s College. He continued his education at Oklahoma City University obtaining a Master of Performing Arts. Dar-win has received additional training from the Kansas City Regional Police Academy and continues to receive various training certificates from the Department of Energy’s National Training Center.

Because of Darwin’s professional contributions, he has receive the Bravo Award for his role in opening a new plant, and the President’s Award in recognition of creating and implementing the Active Shooter Awareness Program at the KCNSC. Darwin has mentored officers and provided them opportunities to work on Protective Force projects.
Darwin’s drive to serve others is not limited to his employment. He participates in several volunteer activities includ-ing: feeding the homeless, visiting nursing homes, outreach activities with his church, participates in the Polar Plunge, and works with individuals with disabilities and other service oriented outreach programs and associations. He volun-teers as a United States of America Track and Field (USATF) Official and assists with providing a safe environment for the children to participate in the sport of track and field.